Sunday, March 31, 2013

Baum Idea: Resurrect Dead in the Land of Oz

So apparently I only post on religious holidays now or something. Whew, been a while I know. Please don't mistake the silence for a lack of activity on our part. There's actually been quite a bit going on, but some of it's not exciting to write about, some of it I can't write about, and some of it's being covered in our behind the scenes web-series Creating Kansas. In case you didn't know about that one. Latest episode is here, you can find all the previous ones on our Youtube channel.

We're rounding the bend into post-production, and with that comes some tasks that I'll be perfectly happy to blog about, so we'll be back to updating regularly here. The past couple of weeks have been occupied mostly by Kansas, which I'll save for the videos, but there was a bit in there that I can get into. So without further ado let's dive in.

You saw us filming in the field on the 26th in that recent video, but what that DOESN'T show is that before we all went out into the mud, Doug and I got up to a little ADR session. I edited the farmhouse scene that we shot on the 24th so I would have it in time for his final shoot, so we could go through and rerecord all his audio. It was his first experience with the process, and I think he had a good time retooling his performance after the fact.

And without hair glued to his face.
But that wasn't my only voice recording for the day. Some days I get stuck cleaning junk out of a rickety old schoolhouse, but some days I get to spend an hour discussing the script with a beautiful model. No points for guessing which days are preferred. Elizabeth Saint came down from DC for an hour to provide the voice of the Lady Oz. She had prepared by devising multiple voice options, which we went through, mashed together, and pulled a performance out of.

And without hair glued to her face.
Always in the background we've got visual effects work going on. Whether it's modeling, developing simulations, compositing, or even certain administrative tasks. Here's an in-progress collaboration between Drew and myself. Book fans can probably figure out where this one's headed.

Obviously a rap battle.
We've got a bunch of shoots and recordings lined up for next week, so expect to see updates here semi-regularly. Norman Rowe's been getting himself prepared for a shoot that will take place at the end of the week.

Getting prepared as only he can.