Monday, October 10, 2011

A Glimpse at the Future

No raw frame or one of its variants today, folks. Instead, to honor our 100th post, I'm going to give you all a glimpse at the future of the blog. I've been working for a while on something cool, but it must remain shrouded in secrecy until we're ready to reveal it. This has meant that I couldn't really do any journal entries about my progress, because it would all be irritating, vague half-details. Irritating, vague half-details with which I could provide no images. But once I've wrapped up that work, the Iron Curtain can be lifted!

I'd talked a bit in the past about editing various pieces of the film. I've had to take a break from that for the past few months, but starting in November I'll begin putting together a rough-edit of the film in its entirety. This will let us know if the material we've shot thus far is working the way we need it to, and what we still need to shoot. It will serve as a blueprint both for future photography and future effects work. The creation of this edit will be chronicled in a daily feature currently called "Tales From the Rough Cut." All stupid feature names are subject to change between now and November...

In these entries I'll describe what piece of the film I worked on that day, and any challenges that may have been faced. I'll also post either images or video from that particular portion of the edit. Here's a little sort of trailer for this feature, using bits from scenes that have already been edited for one reason or another. This will give you a little idea of what you'll be seeing in the new feature next month.

Raw frame fans take note, as mentioned previously, the raw frame will be retired in favor of this new feature. But it will continue at least until the end of October, and we'll still be getting revisits of these raw frames as they become available.

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