Thursday, March 22, 2012

Storyboard Panel of the Day

With the exception of the scene we've mentioned before that we're throwing out for technical reasons (Dorothy waking up in Boq's house), I'm doing storyboards for everything that we shot. Because you never know whether a scene is a keeper or not until you see them all in context. This scene was the first one that really felt like a cut while I was working on it.

It comes right after we've finally started building up some momentum, and we go right from here to an action scene, making this a weird little pause. The only new information that comes out of it is that Dorothy runs out of bread and Scarecrow goes to gather some nuts. Nuts that we never shot her eating, and so will never see again in the movie. Plus, we happened to shoot this on a day where... forces outside of control were making shooting difficult, so this isn't a shining example of film-making craft. Luckily the rest of that day was dedicated to the aforementioned action scene, which was much more suited to the environment of the day.

It's nice to see them settle in at night, and have a rest from the journey, but it feels more like a book scene than a movie scene. In the end, nothing gets removed until we see a full assembly and get a few more eyes on it, but for my part I'm betting on this one not making it in.

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