Saturday, August 25, 2012

Automated It Ain't

Yes, that IS a picture of Mare without a green screen behind her. When has that ever happened? After our smashing success recording our Witch ADR with Marie, we knew it was time to bite the bullet and let Mare have her turn. We'd already done ADR with her once (actually twice) for the Concept Scene (which oh yeah, is so totally online, you guys). And it went pretty quickly. But the difference here is that the Witch is only in the film for eight or so minutes of run-time, and Dorothy is in the film for... all the other ones.

Which means that there's obviously a lot more to record with Mare. She and Amy drove down today and showed up at around one-thirty. They didn't leave until after seven. Like I said, a lot more to record. And that was only the first half of the script, we still have to hit the back-half tomorrow.

To protect against echo, Sean and I set up the coolest blanket fort ever, which you can only see a little sliver of in the photos. But to the delight of the kids inside us, it actually worked pretty effectively. Because I love you guys so much, I edited together a short comparison video. Click below for a little taste of our new audio.

Are those the takes I'm going to use? I don't know. I just dropped in the first cycle that worked. I don't love you THAT much...  But hopefully it's enough to get you to love me a Kickstarter's worth? Check out the page and maybe share it with your friends. Or if you really love me, maybe donate? I'll love you back WAY harder.

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