Friday, August 19, 2011

Raw Frame of the Day

I get to choose the raw frame AGAIN today! This is so totally my week! I went for something not terribly exciting, but at the same time quite important. Or at least I think so, anyway (and so does Sean). It's Dorothy eating bread. Which happens in the book. Which is important for the movie. Because it's one of the ways of showing that Dorothy's journey takes a few days. And also that Dorothy is a human person.

Got a raw frame request? Make it in the comments below or on the Facebook (widget to the right). If we can fulfill it, we will. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow we're doing more Witch shooting, so we'll have an actual journal entry. Whether you LIKE it or NOT.


  1. Hi! nice shot! and speaking of lunch can you please put the one where she and the scarecrow are seating next to the river.. I always loved that drawing...

  2. Every little bit is important, and the tiniest thing makes the difference. NICE Inclusion!