Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sheepish Raw Frame of the Day

So... I said there wouldn't be a raw frame today, and a journal entry instead. I'm just a lying, cheating scumbag, I guess. Little hiccup with regard to our scheduled shoot today. Didn't happen. Lucky for us, we reserved Sunday with all involved as a back-up day, and we're go for then. So today's entry will be tomorrow and we'll do tomorrow's frame today.

Elad made our inaugural comments request yesterday. Can you believe nobody else has requested that way yet? Friggin' Mark Zuckerberg, amirite? Anyway, he requested a frame from the same scene as yesterday's frame, wherein Dorothy and Scarecrow stop for lunch. We staged the scene a little differently than the Denslow drawing, to allow for the Scarecrow comedy antics all the kids are clamoring for, but I figured I'd honor his request anyhow. Sheesh, convoluted raw frame explanation today. Like Charlie friggin' Kaufman up in here.

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