Monday, November 14, 2011

Roughly Visible

Trucking right along, we've left the river behind us. Free to bounce around as my whimsy would dictate, today saw some Witch-Work go on. Scene 66, the Witch, angry at the defeat of her wolves, descends the staircase from the battlement to retrieve the Cap of Quelala. This is one of our many Witch-obscuring shots that are meant to help build up to her big reveal scene, which we've already spoiled on the internet. But whatever. If the movie only gets seen by those 808 people, we'll have more problems than one spoiled scene...

Of potential interest to fact fans is that the elements for this scene were shot on our costume-only day, which took place the day after our first, fairly disastrous, day with the prosthetic. We had Marie run through some costume-centric actions like these, no costume required. This is the Witch who's just barely visible in the shot:

And this is the element that was used to create the shadow:

Fun, right? For reference purposes only, not intended to be a 100% true representation of the film. But you already knew that.

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