Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Aging Process

We'll blast through a little quickie just to keep it from being a total graveyard in here. Mostly what we've been up to is boring to write about and even more boring to read about. And today wasn't much better, but at least there are PICTURES!

We got a leather apron in the mail last week, for use with a minor character we'll be filming this weekend. You book fans can probably guess who it's going to be, based solely on the fact that he's wearing a leather apron. Anyway, it's a brand new, beautiful apron... Which obviously would never do. A real person is supposed to have worn this in his workshop.
Pictured: Writer Sean Gates attempting to impress a fetching young lass with his fine leather wares.
So Sean and I got to do one of our favorite activities; taking something really nice and expensive that we just bought and drastically decreasing the resale value. We smacked the thing with boards, scraped it with nails, ran it over rocks, stomped on it... you get the idea. We're tightly wound guys, and it's a great way to relieve a little stress. 

And then after all that, we still got to play with fire. Sean broke out the matches and he and I took turns stabbing flaming sticks into the thing. We had some rubbing alcohol with us that we sprayed around to get it to burn a little better. Then we used the discarded matchsticks to get ourselves a real blaze going.
An aging technique Jimi Hendrix would have approved of.
If any children are reading this, first of all... stop. Don't do that anymore. Second of all, don't play with fire. It's fun as hell, but it's not safe and stuff, I guess. Anyway, we had our fun burning it, but there was method to the madness. You thankfully can't tell now, but there was a branded logo in the apron that we were afraid about getting rid of. Turned out to be super easy.
Guess Pinnacle won't be interested in any sort of endorsement deal.
After this, we took a wire brush to it and scuffed the bananas right out of it. Then we hit it with some shoe polish in strategic areas. We'll let you judge the effectiveness of our efforts this weekend.

In other news, we're continually working on getting the film assembled. We had an ADR session with Marie a couple weeks back, and we're scheduling another one soon. Toward that end I've been editing the various Witch scenes so I know which takes I want her matching to, and the pacing and energy of the moments, which will inform her performance. Like I said before; sorta boring to read about.
But at least your vision functions properly, without any supernatural hindrance.
And that's about all I have to report, for the moment. We'll be back for the weekend to talk about how our filming went.

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