Saturday, September 22, 2012

KickSTARTED... Past Tense

Holy Houdini, we did it. As of 8:21 yesterday evening, our Kickstarter was officially a success, earning in excess of its $5,000 goal. I'd like to extend a huge thanks to everybody who contributed or shared our links amongst their web friends (and possibly web frenemies). It's going to mean some huge progress in the upcoming months, shooting some stuff I'll be quite excited to blog about. To celebrate our good fortune, how about a behind the scenes video featuring a conversation with the ever-engaging Drew More. In certain circles referred to as the Orson Welles of visual effects.

And just in case any of you missed it, last week we also uploaded a detailed documentary about shooting our promo clips.

A fair warning, both videos are quite lengthy, and may only appeal to those with an intense interest in the indie-filmmaking process. Or... AN indie filmmaking process, anyway. Not sure anybody else does it like this...

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