Monday, December 17, 2012

These Shoes, They Fit Perfectly

I did something today that I can talk about without spoiling any of the upcoming whatevers that may or may not be coming up.

That's right, I shot my audition video for Mummenschanz.


  1. Hhhmmmm . . . what could this shot be for?

    The Wicked Witch of the West grabbing the Silver Shoes? No . . .

    The Silver Shoes falling in the Deadly Desert? Probably not, anyone can make a landscape of sand, no greenscreen recquired . . .

    Something for a new Teaser/Trailer?

    Guess we'll just have to read the book for any clues and wait ...

    1. I will admit to nothing. Except that it IS something you can find in the book...

    2. When Dorothy sits with Toto and tries on the Silver Shoes for the first time after Locusta and the Munchkins have let them alone.