Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And That's Why Wolverine Wears Leather in the Movies

Whoopsie. No updates for multiple days? Sorry to the few who missed this. My computer was in a box. And then it was in a car. But now it's in Virginia on a table and I'm typing on it as we... Well, as I speak, but not as you read. But I am here in Virginia with it, arrived last night at eleven.

And me being here means we're starting to do stuff. Though we kept it light today to ease me into it because I'm a lazy jerk. First we went to Lloyd's so I could see the farmhouse building for myself.

I know people complained about the bridge of the Abrams' Enterprise being too high tech, but I think they've been a little extreme in addressing that criticism for the sequel.
And also this happened:

When you key out the green all that remains is the empty shell of a broken man...

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