Saturday, June 23, 2012

Social Norm

Another day another... random smattering of things to do. We started by heading out to see one of our favorite people; the Czar of Zombie, Norman Rowe. It's great to get over to Norm's because not only is he a totally awesome, pleasant individual, but also there is nowhere else where I get to take pictures of stuff like this;
Gotta have somewhere to hang your coat...
Can always count on Norm to have some weird stuff just sitting around. Anyway, we popped over to get a look at the head sculpt he had going of the Wicked Witch of the East. He wanted to get our thoughts on the sculpt, specifically the ears, and also talk teeth with us a bit. As always, Sean and I were totally satisfied with what he had and where he was planning to take it. We chatted with him for a bit, laid out our intentions for the scene and the character, and we all seem pretty definitely on the same page.
Oh wow, the ear I specifically mentioned is actually on the other side of the head. Good picture selection, Clayton.
On our way back we stopped off at the home of the Yaglas, some folks Sean was introduced to through Lloyd, back when he started looking for a period building for the Gale farmhouse. Lloyd knew that the Yaglas had some historical buildings on their property, and thought they might be worth checking out. Sean had gone over a while back and decided that they weren't right for the Kansas Farmhouse. But maybe still of some use.

The place is a little wealthy for a poor Kansas farmer, but perhaps not for our friend Boq. Sean took me over so I could get a look at it and we could decide together. We're still talking about it and thinking it over, and we'd have to work out exact details with the Yaglas. It's got a nice look to it, though the red doors are not ideal. And we'd obviously have to take some stuff out temporarily and bring some of our own set dressings in. More on that as it develops, maybe I guess.
We're gonna leave the air conditioner, because Boq is hella wealthy and works for a witch.
Once we got back home it was time to put the finishing touches on our new Scarecrow rig. We dragged it all out into the yard to give it a green chemical bath. We had bought two cans of green spray-paint yesterday, thinking we'd have more than enough to finish the whole rig, plus maybe some left over besides. Remember how things went too smoothly yesterday when we built the thing? Well we finally hit our one snag. The fabric bits of the sport gear didn't want to take the paint, even though the plastic responded quite favorably.
Almost as well as Sean's face responded to that Muskrat.
We burned through our two cans pretty quickly and had to run out for six more. Which we also used up entirely. Turns out the only way to make that fabric green was to soak it with paint until it could no longer absorb it. So about 15 coats later and that's all done and green as you please. Luckily for us we don't have to meet any health and safety standards. Steve will probably be fine...

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