Saturday, June 23, 2012

Costuming With an Edge

Um... So THIS is awkward. We um... We never announced that we had cast somebody to play Boq. And also this guy's family will be Boq's family. And we cast them a while ago. Boq-man, Wesley Edge, is even on our IMDb page. So yeah... There's this guy named Wesley Edge who is Boq. And he and his family came over today. For costume measurements.
Sean suggested I caption this "Edward Scissorpants." I couldn't come up with anything better, and I thought maybe our shared disdain for Sean could bring us all closer together.
Which meant we needed to have somebody there who knew how to measure for costumes. Luckily we had Kitty Taylor, our current costumer, on hand to be that person. She's been working for us for a little while, and has done an amazing job on a Wicked Witch of the East costume. She also knows what ruching is, so y'know... there's that.
Plus she's super good at making sure I don't get her face on camera.
There was much measuring of heads and waists and L-shaped arms, and then Kitty and the Edges receded into the horizon. At which point Sean and I turned our focus to our dear old friend Chester. You saw Steve humiliating himself in the brand new chroma key suit we bought for him. Well the new jim-jams wouldn't be half so slick without a new puppet rig to match.

Sean had the splendid idea to purchase some catcher's gear, which we would modify for this purpose. And by modify I pretty much mean destroy. This is why we can't have nice things. Not without attaching puppets to them, anyway.
Sean's low-rent Iron Man costume stands in Stark contrast to his high-rent facial hair.
We spent much of the afternoon shaming Yogi Berra, though the rig actually went together ridiculously smoothly. Sean and I were half expecting the house to collapse in on us or something and crush our legs and also the puppet. Because nothing ever goes as well as this had. But we had instead even MORE good luck when Steve called up and said he was on his way over.

With Steve on hand we got to properly finish up the rig, measuring out a few final pieces to attach the feet. It turned out to be surprisingly comfortable, and with a now complete rig (save the fluorescent green paint job) we got to do two of our favorite things; 1.) Dress Steve up in silly things.
Sorry ladies, he's actually taken. And I think Steve might have a girlfriend too.
And 2.) Strap a tiny little demon to his chest.
He brought that helmet from home. I think his parents maybe make him wear it.
And 3.) Be startled every time we walked into the room and forgot Chester was there. Dude's a skulker.

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