Friday, July 22, 2011

The Psychology of the Transfer

As I obliquely alluded to in a previous journal entry, make-up guru and all-around magnificently off-kilter man Norman Rowe is in the middle of a big move. As I straight up friggin' SAID in another entry... The heat wreaked havoc on our Witch shooting last Saturday. What do these two things have to do with one another, you ask? Maybe you don't ask, but even if you don't, you do. For my purposes at least.

And so you ask me, "Say, what do Norm's move and a sun-spoilt shoot have to do with one another?" And I reply thusly; "Norm's air-conditioned shop is mostly emptied out, Norm's a generous guy, and he offered us the use of the space for Witch photography." Thanks for working with me on that one, gang.

So Sean and I have spent some time in that little building, as our frequent readers will note. We had a vague idea that the building would be satisfactory for our needs, but we wanted to go in and measure stuff out, turn that vagueness into something with a concreteness about it.

Concrete like what this building is not.
Armed with a tape measure and a sense of grim determination, Sean and I made our way out there the other night. Norm had taken all the lights with him, so we examined the space by camera light and flashlight. Some remnants of the old days remained, so it was fairly spooky in there in the dimness. We told ghost stories and had a pillow-fight, then set to work.

TOLD ghost stories? We were kinda IN one...
The measurements were appealing in every way. You might call this building our Jennifer Love Hewitt. We needed a new way to hang our magnetized tracking markers, but a quick trip to Lowe's (hardware store of choice for L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) yielded some nice metal bars that we figured would do the trick nicely.

Last night Sean and I dismantled our current set-up and packed it all into his truck.

There lies our biggest fan. Sorry, Angelo.
This morning we popped over to Norm's old place and met up with Norm's young face.

Remember this face, children, for it is he, the bringer of all nightmares.
The aforementioned spooky remnants still... remained, so we spent a little bit of time cleaning house. Or more accurately cleaning unattached garage.

The new craze that's sweeping the nation...
After the space was cleared to our satisfaction, and Norm had packed up as much as his car could handle, he had to boogie out of there, and Sean and I got to work setting up our green screen, markers, and lights. We made quick work of it, and ended up with a pretty nice space.

I don't have a pun for this one, but all the other pictures have captions...
All that remained was to make Norm's ex-man-cave a little more cave-like.

Michael C. Hall has really let himself go...
Equipment set up and windows blocked, our work was done. We locked up, took off, and chilled out. We're primed for further Witch photography tomorrow. Norm's got a new adhesive, he's turned the prosthetic hand appliances into full-on gloves, we're set with the A/C... Everything's looking good for tomorrow. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop on that. Even though you've done nothing to deserve it.

Oh... I almost forgot. When he was sweeping, Sean found a dead, petrified frog. Which Norm decided he was going to keep and so placed it in a jar. Who the hell else would you ever want working on your witch make-up?

You thought I was kidding, but this is a thing that happened...

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