Thursday, July 28, 2011

Raw Frame of the Day

Today's raw frame is something a little different. Charlie requested on the Facebook that we show something involving the Lion, which was a tricky proposition for a raw frame, given that the character is CGI. Unlike the Woodman, who we had an eyeline double for, Lion was almost always just... air. However, the rest of the gang needs to ride him at times, and for those instances we needed something for Mare and the Scarecrow puppet to interact with. This is our first failed attempt at creating a Lion-riding set-up. This frame is not something that will be used in the film, we ended up reshooting all the Lion riding at the end of the Dorothy block.

Don't forget, you can request the raw frame of the day in the comments below or on our Facebook. Yes, I AM going to say that at the end of every one of these. Maybe we get some new readers who aren't hip to the game. Or maybe some of our existing readers have bad memories. I dunno.

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