Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Raw Frame of the Day

I thought I'd try a little something new today. While we're moving ahead in some respect everyday, it's not always in a way that makes for an interesting journal entry. You guys don't want to read about how I'm waiting for a battlement render to finish, for example. On the other side of things, sometimes the progress IS interesting, but not something we're ready to share with you all just yet.

That leaves days where no journal entry is forthcoming, which leaves often times prolonged silences on the blog. In an effort to counteract that, and keep giving you guys new content everyday, I'm proposing something I cleverly titled "Raw Frame of the Day." See what it is is a raw frame from the film. And we'll do one a day... By raw I mean you're seeing exactly what the camera saw, no color grading, no visual effects, just actors or puppets in front of green. As we start pumping out finished shots, we'll revisit some of these frames to show you how far we have to take things.

To start us off, we'll maintain the Witch theme that the blog has had lately, and show you something from our costume-only Sunday shoot:

Like the idea? Think it blows? Have a specific piece of the story you'd like to see a frame from? Leave me a comment down below, or on the Facebook.

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