Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Storyboard Panel of the Day

Sean wrote a very description-heavy script. He was concerned that anybody reading it would be unable to remove themselves from the MGM film when imagining these scenarios, so he was very careful to highlight distinct differences wherever they arose. He's bemoaned this fact to me in the past, saying that if he'd known he was going to be working with another book fan he would have backed off a little, but it's actually kind of nice. Specifically, Sean's a cat guy, so he's really good at making you remember that the lion is... y'know... a lion, and not, say... a heavy-set guy in a costume. "The Lion is shivering, his teeth chattering, and he looks oddly thin and pathetic, his fur matted and wet." That's what the script said in this instance. But generally there's a lot of back-arching and chop-licking.

Plus robot-guys stuck upside down in the sand is funny. Ask Walter Murch. Guy knows...

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