Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Storyboard Panel of the Day

This was another example of a moment where it was kind of weird to be Mariellen.

I wanted to do this whole big shot tracking with them through the streets of the city and slowly revealing bits and pieces of it. So I'd have her start back on the end of the screen, walk forward, and then look in a certain direction just before she ran out of walking room. The camera would move up off her in that direction, ostensibly focusing on some beautiful piece of scenery. Great, cut.

Then I'd have her step back to the beginning of the screen, start walking again, and I'd move the camera back down onto her from the direction I went in at the end of the last take, and she'd again look up at something imaginary as the camera went up for that. We did four or five of these, the idea being that we'll bridge them all with some cool imagery and have this one long, awesome take until they reach the Wizard's spire.

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