Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekly Round-Up 01

So this is a new idea I had. Well, I say new, it's actually old. Pretty much every website and blog does some kind of a weekly round-up. But it's new to this blog, anyway. As I've bemoaned in the past, even on days that we do make progress, it's not always necessarily interesting enough for its own entry. I decided that in the interest of keeping updates flowing, I could post a weekly collection of however much there is or isn't to report on. The longer, in-depth entries will still be around for days when something demands it, like any time we're shooting, but for the other times, we've got these now.

We're currently gearing up for shooting with new and exciting characters. Well, I say new and exciting, but they're actually from the book. We just haven't done anything with them for our movie yet. Costume pieces and props and bits of set-dressing keep coming for us in the mail, so pretty much every day has been like a miniature Christmas. Except better, because we don't have to visit with any distant relatives or help clear the table. The other day we got a nice, $160 cabinet that... isn't for being a cabinet, and Sean promptly assembled and set to ruining it.

Ruin is a strong word. Stability is overrated in the furniture industry anyway.
Personally, I've been enjoying editing a sequence featuring footage that looks like footage, and not a small bit of footage that requires immense imagination to wrap your mind around. I refer of course to the breakfast scene we shot last Saturday. I've also derived no small amount of joy from compositing Dorothy into that footage where necessary. The work isn't finalized yet, but I'm still pretty satisfied with how it's been working out.

More satisfied than Dorothy is with the way her day's been going.
With an edit in place that I feel pretty confident about, Sean and I popped over to Wesley and Crystal Edge's place on Wednesday to record some ADR on this breakfast scene. The fans in the studio lights and, at intervals, their baby Emily were too noisy for us to be able to keep the on set audio. By now I've gone into the ADR process at some length, so you know what the deal is there. Same situation, different actors.

If you drop a fresh enough beat, you can always count on Wesley Edge to spin some sick rhymes.
And that's about all we've got for this week. We're in the process of tracking down and auditioning some promising new actors for some of the roles we haven't cast yet, and we'll keep you posted on all that progress.

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  1. Those shots that include newly-added Dorothy are looking better and better (last Blog pic she still looked a bit green)!

    Love any new post that comes this way and look forward to seeing more progress reports, no matter how small or uninteresting you may find them yourself.