Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekly Round-Up 02

It's been a whole week already. Doesn't really feel like it's been the right number of days for that, but I'll take the calendar's word for it. Which means it's time for a weekly round-up. Guess I'll go ahead and round-up the week, then.

Costume and prop pieces continue to arrive by mail. Most exciting of this week's arrivals are a pair of cowhide chairs Sean ordered online. They're actually genuine chairs from the era, which we picked up for a very reasonable price. These will of course be finding themselves at home in the Gale farmhouse set.

In the meantime, we'll see if Clint Eastwood wants to yell at them.
Also arriving by mail was a fake beard. So many of the characters we're looking to cast have to sport lovely beards, but beards aren't exactly "in" anymore. We knew of the existence of fake beards, but we'd never done anything with them, and we thought it might behoove us to buy one and test it out. If it worked out, that would allow us to widen our options for casting these beardy parts. Since Sean is already sporting an all-natural face-hugger, I had to be the guinea pig for the application.

Least attractive beard ever? Your move, Phyllis Gates...
It worked out pretty nicely, which is good, because most of the men we've had express  interest in auditioning haven't been the beardiest bunch. Neither have the women, thankfully. We've had some video auditions coming in, and yesterday we drove to Spotsylvania (by way of the Devil's glen) to do our first in-person audition, with a fella named Curt Rose. He'll definitely be getting cast in A role, and we'll let you know WHICH one exactly as soon as we tell him. Only fair, right?

Here's a hint; It's not Aunt Em or Nimmie Amee.
Rounding out the last of the tales worth telling, Thursday Sean and I secured a location in which to film our additional greenscreen material. We knew we didn't want to borrow somebody's garage again this time, and since we have a little money to play with, we figured we could rent something. The best option seemed to be renting a large, climate controlled storage unit, so Thursday we drove around to all the storage places Sean knew, checking on pricing and asking if we could film our emphatically not-porn movie in a unit if we rented one.

After stopping at six places, three of which wouldn't allow us to film in a unit or didn't have electrical access, we made the mature, considered decision to go with the place where the cute girl drove us around on a golf-cart. Fortunately they turned out to also have the best prices and the largest available unit.

And that's it for this week, friends. Next week we've got plenty more auditioning coming up, and potentially some casting announcements too.

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  1. (silly act) Oh, that duck-taped chair is, like, So NOT!

    Auditioning beards? That's a first I've never heard before.

    (normal) Good auditioning photo. Now, WHO could that guy be playing that needs him to hunch and cower like that? Who, who, who? Let me think . . .