Monday, September 19, 2011

Raw Frame of the Day Plus

Or really, raw frame of the day plus PLUS, because it took TWO live-action plates to make this image. I was originally going to briefly follow our heroes in on their flight into the south country, but after seeing the girls on the "set" in their cool looking armor I thought it'd be more fun to show their reaction to our queer little band and their bizarre method of transport. The image you see is just a framing test, to make sure the two plates work together. We only had one guard costume to work with, so we had to shoot the girls separately. Background is some palace in Spain, Sean and I agreed we like that sort of a look for Glinda's palace, so while this isn't a final environment, it's along the lines of correctness.

Here's the plate of the lead guard:

Here's the plate of her door-guarding galpal:

And all together now:

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