Friday, September 9, 2011

Raw Frame of the Day

Back to just the regular, no frills raw frame for today, folks. Though you may expect that to change in the near future... Here's a still featuring one of my favorite pieces of acting from Mare. It's a little scene, and the focus of it is mainly some dialogue between the Wicked Witch and her right-hand man, but Mare conveys some pretty effective emotion in this shot, I think. You can see another shot from this scene towards the end of the original teaser edit in this video.


  1. GREAT shot!

    Sometime soon would you be able to include either one or both (on different days) of the shots that I'd like to see please? Like:

    * A scene where Dorothy is supposedly holding Toto in her arms

    * Dorothy talking to "Lion" while they are on opposite sides of his cage bars (even though he isn't seen during the actual filming)

    Thank You!

  2. Thanks, Sam. I'll do both of these sometime this week.