Friday, September 30, 2011

Raw Frame of the Day

Rotoscoping, anyone?


  1. Oh so Marie/Dorothy really DID wash her face with water (for that scene with Scarecrow before Tin woodman)? I never really quite believed she was drying her face in the behind-the-scenes/test/pre-vis video . . . .

  2. Hi Sam...just to clarify, it's Mare, not Marie (Marie is the WWW) and, yes, she really DID wash her face with water. It's easier to film her putting her hands in real water and to film actual water on her face, than it is to CGI it up.

    We did as much as we could through practical means. I want to thank you, btw. You've given me an idea for the next series of articles after the current "Adapting Oz" series has run its course.