Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The All-Drew Update

Kind of a nebulous set of updates tonight. I started my work today by starting up XSI and creating a new camera move for a shot of Nick yanking his foot out of the forest floor in which it had become embedded. The old camera angle was quite crummy. I managed to get something a little more dynamic go it, and successfully send it off to Drew. Speaking of Drew, last night he sent me this:

In addition to general visual effects supervision, he's doing the all the compositing on this scene, as well as a few other odd jobs. He's been working on the composite for quite a while now, tweaking his chromakey work so that when he's got his final environment and Woodman renders he's pretty well good to go. After I sent him the finished Woodman animation he did this quick mock-up of the shot, rendering out a very simple Woodman and tracking in a rough still of the environment in progress. It's so very far from finished, but it gives an idea of what the finished shot will be like. I was excited by the sight of this, and so slapped on a little color grading. Even though it's a mere mock-up, it's still quite work intensive from my man Drew. Dorothy and Scarecrow are two separate green screen elements, and he had to remove our puppeteer from the Scarecrow element, which was not an easy feat.

So on top of that, I assembled a few visuals and typed Drew a big long essay about a couple of scenes I'd like to move onto (and HAVE, in fact, moved onto myself at this point) once the concept scene is all wrapped up. I've got plans, I've got imagined deadlines, and now we'll see if they're foolhardy or not. We'll keep our fingers crossed in favor of "not." Well. That's another journal entry wrapped up, then. WHO is READING these things!?!? Certainly isn't ME...

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